Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Busy busy busy!

My first quarter of graduate school is in full swing, and I am beyond busy.  I never thought I could squeeze so many hours of reading in to one week, but I impress myself.  Ryder has started daycare, and he loves it.  He comes home with a new art project daily, and we have proudly displayed them all on the wall above his bed.  He went on a fieldtrip with his class today to the pumpkin patch.  I have been sad all day that I didn't get to go along, but I know he will have fun anyway.  He told me this morning that he was going to find a 'nice pumpkin'.  I can't wait to see it!

The weather in Seattle has been so beautiful! I keep waiting for the gloom to appear like everyone tells me it will, but so far it's been perfect.

We may be crazy, but I think we will be moving apartments in the next few weeks.  We were given an opportunity that is hard to pass up!  Ryder will have his own room, and I will have a dishwasher.  What more could we need? It will also be in a nicer, quieter part of town AND it's cheaper.  I'll keep you updated on that.

I start actual therapy next week, and I'm quite anxious to have the first session completed.  Everyone tells me not to be nervous, but that's just impossible.  I just hope I don't vomit on my poor client!

That's enough of an update for now.