Monday, August 23, 2010

New City!

welllll we have actually made the big leap to our new city.  We left a lot of friends and family behind in Oklahoma, so I've decided to blog a bit about our new adventure. 

To catch you up, we've been in Seattle for almost two weeks now.  We aren't settled in to an apartment yet due to the fact that it is taking for our shiz to arrive.  Jay, Ryder, and I have been living out of a hotel.  Now I usually love hotels. And I usually love going out to eat, but I just want my bed and some friggen home made spaghetti.  Is that too much to ask?  It's almost over though...tomorrow is the day the moving truck arrives.

So far we love it here.  It's been sunny and beautiful and not 105 degrees. It's a lot different than home, that's for sure.  We walk. We recycle. We wear jeans in August.

Week 1: We felt mostly displaced and disoriented.  Ryder kept asking to go home, and that made us sad.  After a few days he adjusted well, and the time change wasn't so bad.  Jay didn't have to work, so we tried to get all of our touristy urges out...because you know, it won't be cool to do those things once we officially live here.  We ate lots of fried seafood (they call shrimp 'prawns' here?), rode the ferry to Whidbey Island, saw the Space needle, Pike's Place Market, Mukilteo, and downtown Seattle.  There is just so much to do here!

Week 2:  We finally feel more settled.  We even got Washington IDs! My ID is super silly, because the lady made me move my bangs.  Now my ID displays a crazy bang swoop that you cannot help but laugh at.  Perhaps I'll post a picture.  Luckily the man who took my student ID picture didn't hate bangs so much :)  Ryder has lots of energy and no backyard in which to exert it, so we have been visiting as many parks and playgrounds as we possibly can.  He digs it.  Today we met a two year old with an English accent and it was quite precious.  Yesterday we climbed a cool tree.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

I'll try to blog every week or so with updates and pictures of our big adventures in the new city!

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