Thursday, August 26, 2010


I can finally say we feel settled.  It is a welcome feeling after two weeks of a more homeless lifestyle.  Our stuff arrived Tuesday night at about 6:00.  It was like Christmas...for the first few boxes anyway.  After unwrapping my 465869869 glass, I was over it.  Ryder had a blast playing in all of the paper, and I had a blast throwing boxes full of paper off my balcony at Jay!

Mostly everything is unpacked and in its new place.  I will post pictures of our new cozy( that's a better way of saying tiny, right?!) new apartment.

I am officially enrolled in graduate school and am anxiously awaiting September 27th when I actually get to start.  I'm a little nervous but mostly excited.  I'm so thankful that Jay and Ryder are here with me.  I don't think the cross-country move would be quite as exhilarating without them.

Ryder is completely at home here!  He has been Skyping with my in-laws and calling his "Mo" on his pretend phone daily.  Their conversation goes a bit like this, "Hello, ummm, yea, eight, seven, fives, five dollars, yea, Mo, byebye."

He makes us laugh with his silly little ways.  A few days ago we asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up.  Jay and  I know that he doesn't really understand our questions, but we like to hear the response anyway for entertainment purposes. 

I ventured out on my own in my car for the first time today.  I was *almost* succesful until my hubcap fell off, and I proceeded to run over it. meh.

By the way, Ryder wants to be feet when he grows up :)

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